All Ears 03 – No mood

Exams are over? Graduation lo? Going overseas? BUT STILL NO MOOD???

Don’t know where your mood went to but here are some tracks that might just set that good mood right in. They are my fave tracks at the moment which never fail to pop fireworks in my imaginary sky. Imma dance now.

Ok this is not the version that I like, just can’t seem to find it on youtube!! Do head over to spotify and take a listen to the original version! LUV IT.

This. I’ve been playing it on repeat for the past few weeks. You can’t miss that music video too. I just feel like I need to put aside everything and show my care for a human who’s hurt right now.

The world of NO CHILL. Go ahead, do what you want and wreck the bad shit out of your life. Damn, those heavy kickass drops.

Another sunrise. Another chance. This track is about those positive vibes.

That’s it for now. Be it no mood or bad mood, let’s hope the good mood will come soon. Let’s not just hope, but do something about it.

Smile? I like my RBF more. Maybe a derpy face too.

Cheryl xx


HOLLER we’re back on this space..! Pardon for the mini (or maybe not so mini..) hiatus, but we’re definitely gonna bring this space back to life with so much more. From clothes to horoscopes, whatever it is, you’re in for all the interesting bits here from us at Young Hungry Free ;)

For now, maybe just a little update about what we have been up to recently.

YHF just launched our first ever installment of DENIM! Yes, this is a tiny denim line in Young Hungry Free in which we will continue to present you quality denim apparels that’s made by YHF, for you!

Comfort and Stretch – You are LIMITLESS

yhf denim 2016-4

Comfort, stretch and fit, we aim to bring you these qualities with our denim range. If you haven’t checked out our site, we have just launched 3 types of jeans under it – Limitless, Untouchable and Kick Butt.

Sounds amazing already? :P You’ll see more in time to come.

yhf denim 2016-8

We made a trip to the future… something similar. We went to the Future World exhibition at the Art Science museum!!! So much hype about it, but that hype is legit.

Had a quick bite at Pasar Bella pop up before entering! Why the need for this photo? Because there’s food involved and currently salivating over it.



The first installation got us all gaga over it already.




Basking on that beach..? Seemed dangerous with all that rising huge waves but you gotta try it – just lying there and absorb them vibes. It’s more therapeutic than scary, trust me. Like duh :p


The one that’s highly anticipated. Look at those gorgeous crystal lights!! We totally worked our cameras hard here but honestly that’s something we’d advise not to. Spend more time immersing yourself in those arts rather than looking at your phone screen. You’ll gain much more.

Enough (we could totally make a day out of this Future World but) about the exhibition. This month, we also celebrated one of our birthdays! Say hi to Angeline (the one in white). She works the longest here so don’t mess with her!


For that, we decided to try a game at Lost Sg (you guys know those escape games) No photos but we hella conquered it! Technically we lost because we took a little bit more time, just that little 1 or 2 minutes more. So rightfully, we won :D

Other than Angeline’s birthday, Ellie’s birthday’s in April too! Her party was lit but oops again, no good photos for this one. We were probably too busy mingling and slurping.

Here’s all we have for you before you start yawning. But before I go, Angeline casually captured those normal and dippy moments during the trip to the Future World and she made a video out of it! Yes she makes videos occasionally, head over to her channel!

Expect more from Young Hungry Free, girls. Till next time <3

Smile? I like my RBF more. Maybe a derpy face too.

Cheryl xx

All Ears 02 – Them Damn Feelings

The team seems to be a little on the emotional side this month. All you kittycats out there who caught dem damn feelings or simply need words to express your thoughts and fears - this post’s for you. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting your emotions take over once in a while, we’re only human. Break down if you must, but the YHF girl always gets up stronger than she was before. The YHF girl knows her worth and will always be okay. These are for you.

Chin up, girl.
Forever, Young Hungry Free.

BEST OF #YHForever

helloHave you got what it takes to be next on our list? ;-)
Let us find you -
Tag @YOUNGHUNGRYFREE & #YHForever in your best snaps x

Forever Young Hungry Free

How We Do: Tonal Dressing

tonaldressinSome call it monochromatic ensembles, others prefer the term ‘tonal dressing’ – either way, this trend’s been on our radar for some time now. Layering your pieces like how they do above in tropical climates like ours could seem absolutely silly, so how exactly do we work around this trend?



Start your transition into the trend easily by working around basic color schemes of white and grey. Matching the Closely Knitted Dress with our ever-flowy Slit-ing Beauty culottes for that pinch of marble goodness on the bottom. This look wouldn’t be complete without crisp white heels and our textured Power Up bag. 


Get sporty-chic right by balancing the Touch Of Flair girly-ness with some boyish comfort of the Always Late shorts. Ironically, a simple get-up like that makes sure you always arrive on time, and in style.

Also in this look: Kicker Boots in Grey


We’re making checkered tops cool again by channelling laid-back, Italian honey vibes with different tones of blue in this ensemble. Here’s the Checked Out top tucked into one of YHF’s crowd favourites – the Hang On Pants in pastel blue.

Would you attempt this trend? ;-)

Forever, Young Hungry Free


All Ears 01 – What’s On Your Playlist?

We’re always on the lookout for good music. Be it EDM, RNB, Indie rock to mainstream pop – the YHF Headquarters is always shuffling through playlists after playlists to keep us up and spirited.

Here lies a couple of songs and artistes we think you should definitely check out. Voilà – the first of YHF’s ‘All Ears’ Playlist series, enjoy! 

For an intriguing mixture of different mediums and chilling vocals…

Troye Sivan got us really impressed, now…

For when your feelings can’t be expressed in words, he places them in melodies.

For when everything seems crashing down,

For when you need that boost of girlpower,

And when you need that dosage of attitude (and cockiness) to power through the day… :P

So, what’s on YOUR playlist this week? ;-)

Forever, Young Hungry Free


Young Hungry Free’s proud to present the first of our #YHFWears series, whereby the YHFamily shows ya our personal take on some of the brand’s pieces. We’re hoping to come up with plenty more videos in the weeks to come, so do give us any suggestions on what you’d like to see! FOREVER, YOUNG HUNGRY FREE

What To Wear To: ROAD TO ULTRA

If the umbrella term of EDM and trippy lightwork is your jam, ya’ll gon like this one. What better way to kick-off YOUNG HUNGRY FREE’s Lifestyle segment by speaking bout a RAVE!

It’s been a whirlwind of festivals these days – from Coachella’s indie magic to Warped Tour’s punk rock mayhem. So yes, apart from F1 (Um hey hi hello Adam Levine & you too, Pharrel) the #YHFCrew’s got our eyes set on none other than ROAD TO ULTRA happening this weekend! 

Forget the flashy headgears, forget dem Kandis, (we still adore the glimmer from bindis) – but the YHF girl does things a little differently. Always classy, never trashy… but always served with hints of nasty ;) Here are 3 of YHF’s take to make you stand out amongst the muddle of colours this ULTRA weekend. 


Look 01’s for the girl who chooses to maintain her minimalist glamour whilst partying her head off *coughs choker coughs*. Instead of the predictable tight-fitting one-piece, layer a pair of slit-up bottoms and allow that to peek through your fringe dresses for a more stylish approach.


A lightweight, yet solid neckpiece matched with sandals – the perfect combination that coincides both the sophistication of MBS and bohemian messiness of such festivals. 

Find here: Slit-ing Beauty Pants, Moon-walking Sandals


Needless to say, Look 02’s for them girls who knows their #cozy and are conservatively sporty. Instead of flashy get-ups, opt for joggers for a splash of colour, a button-up for a hint of modesty plus trainers on the feet.

Head-banging with these refraction glasses? You’ll be needing this cozy by the end of the night.

Find here: Go-to Shirt (sold out), Panel Joggers


Look 03’s for all you skin-baring, daring babes out there. Amp up your sexiness by chucking on a pair of good ol’ Converses. Choose a bold piece and strap your look together with something simpler – life’s all about the good balance. From meetings to raves, this top is by far a YHF’s crowd fave.

Find here: Lock Down Buckle Crop

Drink up plenty, protect your feet and rave your hearts out, girls!
Forever Young Hungry Free